The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow needs your help to foil the evil plans of Crow Foods and break the crows‘ monopoly on food production and supply in the city of Plenty. Tilt your device to navigate through each level, outsmart the Crowbots, unlock extras, and restore hope for animals, farms, and the environment, while providing the citizens of Plenty a healthy and delicious alternative.

With Crow Foods in charge, real food is hard to come by. Carry crates full of fresh vegetables through the dark and dangerous obstacle course of the Crow Foods factory without getting stopped by the ever-present Crowbots.

Crow Foods isn‘t real... yet. But every day, fresh, wholesome fare is being replaced with cheap, highly processed grub full of chemicals and preservatives. There are alternatives to industrial farming though. Read about some of the people who are changing the game.

The city center is full of animals living in confinement when they should be roaming free in pastures. Rescue the confined cows and chickens and return them to the farm while avoiding the misleading Crow Foods propaganda that lurks around every corner.

Today‘s industrial agriculture practices call for keeping many animals in tiny spaces and feeding them antibiotics to ward off diseases that arise from their inhumane conditions. But it doesn‘t have to be this way. Healthy and happy animals thrive when given room to express their natural tendencies.

It‘s time to start producing. Help the last sustainable farm in Plenty survive and thrive, growing food the people actually need. Sow seeds from the silos and keep the Crowbots from poisoning your crops.

We believe family farmers are more likely to respect their land by rotating crops, avoiding pesticides, and planting with diversity. Factory farms may be less connected to the land, and therefore more likely to deplete the soil and dump tons of waste in a small area. Chipotle prefers to work whenever possible with farms that serve as stewards of the environment. Plus, we think the food they grow is more delicious.

The Scarecrow has been cooking up a storm and needs a hand to distribute his delicious meals to the hungry public. Grab some baskets and serve the people before they turn to the processed junk from Crow Foods.

Food prepared from fresh, wholesome ingredients is generally tastier and healthier than food from heavily processed ingredients. What many people don‘t know is that food prepared from quality ingredients can also be affordable. Consider getting involved with organizations that are pushing for a more sustainable and wholesome food future.